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Exotic Story Index
Stories Last Updated: 10/10/15
Paramedic Pt. 11 - I'm here to heal it's what I do.
Lost And Found Ch. 01.5: Miracles - The backstory of Miss Penny Isabel James.
A Kitten's Tail Ch. 04 - Kitten gets claimed and other fun.
Six Weeks of Grace Pt. 03 - Can love really calm the savage beast?
Magda & the Captain Ch. 00: Pilot - How the Captain picks up passengers to meet her fantasies.
Rogers Dialems - Roger and Mai-lee spend time together.
Camping Surprise - A story of an oral encounter while camping.
Testing the Limits - A husband says he isn't jealous and his wife tests his claim.
Stepping Out Ch. 01 - Kendall and Mark from "In Step" go to college.
Move Closer Ch. 01 - Lainy saves Caro from an abusive lover.
Danny Ch. 04 - A young man's journey to adulthood.
Lyox Labelling Ch. 00: Prologue - Once a Lyox turns 18 they must be sorted into dom and sub.
Bathhouse Bonanza - He gets more than he bargained for.
The East Coast Trip - Dreams are only in your head... but which one?
Spontaneous Night - Fun at night.
Because You Needed It - An old fashioned spanking for a country girl by her cowboy.
Friendly Limits - Testing the limits of friendship.
The Threesome Chronicles Ch. 05: Mary Evans - Mary discovers love in the strangest places.
Ms. Walker's Class Ch. 05 - Michael and Miranda come to a new arrangement.
Primal Temptations - Gabe tries to find a God - but a Goddess finds him first.
G. I. Joe Pt. 02 - A hot wife services a service man.
Brandi Does Not Tell the Truth - Brandi goes black will she go back?
Anya Goes to Vorhees Ch. 08 - Anya realizes not all statues are created equally.
Survivor's Remorse - The accident sent me into a depression.
Surfer Sally - Mom's friend helps him grow up.
Fucking Through Georgia Pt. 01 - One woman's efforts at preventing the Civil War by using sex.
Tiger and Bunny Pt. 02 - Part 2.
Quiet Night - Fantasy of an affair.
My Pink Plaid Shirt - A crush a friend and a bachelorette.
Coffee with Charlie - Senior feels Mr. Robinson is trying to seduce him.
The Company Retreat - A story of love and lust in New Hampshire.
John and Jill - A marriage in turmoil.
Der Widerwärtigen Zähmung 03 - Großes Finale mit Überraschungen.
Valentine's Day Adventure - Emily has some fun at her husband's expense.
I Was Once the Good Wife Ch. 01 - I cheat for the first time...
Vegi Tales - Fucking my wife with a big cucumber followed by anal sex.
Twisted Massage - A massage that turns into something different.
Ex Wife - Going in to the way back machine.
Drawn Together - Drawn Together https://www.lit
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