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Exotic Story Index
Stories Last Updated: 07/29/14
My Freaky Girlfriend - My Girlfriend Loves Anal Sex.
Take a Long Ride on My Motorbike - They explore the beach and each other by motorcycle.
I Fisted An Actor At A Burlesque - I attended a cabaret show that turned increasingly naughty
Midsummer Weekend Pt. 04 - The bonfire wasn't in the end our hottest experience...
Trip to the Doctor's - Josh has found a new doctor to care for him.
Black Journal Ch. 05a - Landlord's Sister
My Angel Ch. 03 - Alex an Matt continue to have fun.
Sisters Friends and Lovers Ch. 27 - How to invite two straight friends to a wedding orgy
Delightful Del Pt. 05 - Del invites me over to give her a massage.
Julie Waited Ch. 01 - Julie's mouth gets her into more trouble than she expected.
Pillar Ch. 01 - Ruth might want more than she asked for
Finding a Lost Puppy Ch. 19 - Before and after the party.
An Afternoon With Bill - A slave visits his mistress.
Ms. Laura Ch. 07 - I finally lose my my inhabitions.
Rebecca's Visit - Saturday - Auntie and niece enjoy some cabin time and each other.
My Sister's Fiance - Rae has fun with her sister's fiance and her dad.
Family Gatherings Pt. 04 - Tuesday Morning - Josh beth & the niece's are discovered
A Family Controlled Ch. 04 - Controlled No More.
Joining a Fraternity Ch. 02 - A stealth FTM frat brother continues his adventures
Pretty Little Slayers - Willow senses a new Slayer.
A Summer School Course in Sex - How to become a world class lover by September.
How Did You Learn To Love Fellatio? Ch. 03 - Another girl tells maybe a real girlfriend of mine.
Montana Winter Ch. 02 - Noah gets more hot sex but can he find lasting love?
Sex Gods World Cup - Quarter-Final - The Teams for the Sex Gods World Cup begin the Quarter Final
Eating Her Out - Eating Her Out //www.literotica.com/s/eating-her-out
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