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Exotic Story Index
Stories Last Updated: 06/25/18
Amy's Nude Day Fun - Amy celebrates Nude Day with her slaves Jill & Mark.
The Little Mermaid - "Wish I could be part of your world..."
SMOTP: Daily Orgasm Day 26 - In My car My fingers touching you...there...
The Last Shewolf Ch. 77-83 - Family Dreams.
Eric and Aly Ch. 04 - Ride - Eric and Aly take a trip to Chicago.
Ladyluck 03: Ein freches Früchtchen - London calling / saftiges Obst
Beratung Intensiv 02 - Diesmal mit Nachschlag.
Women's Studies Ch. 12 - Spring Break! Advice from Audrey inspires freedom for Lexi.
A Road Trip Fantasy Pt. 02 - Aaron returns to visit Jennifer and help her study anatomy.
Strip Game Addicts Ch. 10 - John and Emily play one last game with Jenna.
Underground - Natalie learns to make the most of an awkward situation.
Can There Be Peace Ch. 12 - A woman returns from the military to face her past.
Shards Ch. 01 - Did that meteor just change course?
Das Vorstellungsgespräch - Ehefrau steigt wieder ins Berufsleben ein.
Morgens am Frühstückstisch - Fortsetzung von "Nachts auf dem Balkon"
Don't mess with Jenny - Philipp lernt sich nicht mit Jenny anzulegen.
Wie ich tabulos wurde 02 - Mein Arbeitskollege.
Nude Weekend - Saturday Night - Sharon's adventures continue this time with anal.
Schwüle Nächte im Uhrwaldtempel 03 - Ja ...das "h" bleibt!
Julia und Stefan Teil 02 - Julia kommt ohne Erlaubnis und wird bestraft.
What Could Possibly Go Wrong? - A woman succeeds at self-bondage - beyond her expectations.
18 Maîtres Ch. 03 - Je suis invitée à une retransmission de football.
Viva La Vida Teil 1 - denn so ist das Leben. Eileen
Perking Up - Perking up dad.
Maries Vergewaltigung 01 - Am Wochenende allein zuhause mit meiner Schwester ...
Sie werden so schnell groß 02 - Mamas geiler Stecher.
Jules und Jim od. Maria und Maria 01 - Dreiecksgeschichte über Crossdressing
Caged for Freedom Ch. 04 - What was thought to be concluded just had a huge reboot!
Chi-Chi's New Job - Chi-Chi gets a new job to help pay the bills.
Becoming a Double Agent - Agent Smith is tortured in captivity.
Skinny Dipping and Sunbathing Nude - Young girl loves to swim and sunbathe nude.
The Pool - A Sally and Nate Story - Nosy neighbors don't spoil everything!
The Summer Nymph - A young man falls for the woman next door.
Bondage Sex with Mom - Accidentally arousing son’s cock while training.
Loosening Up Bk. 02 Ch. 25-28 - Seducing the flight instructor. End Bk. 2.
Cat Fight Ch. 30: Family Final - A lot of bad luck a man suddenly finds he is more.
Trust Ch. 26 - New Year's Confession.
Exquisite Perspective Ch. 02 - An intriguing weekend fling leads to something much more.
They Come Ch. 22 - Rehab.
The Journal of a Connecticut Yankee Ch. 03 - Donnie and Romie find what The Order was looking for.
SMOTP: Daily Orgasm Day 25 - Taking you to dinner and you're not wearing any underwear...
The Humper Game Pt. 05 Ch. 07 - In which things suddenly get a LOT busier!
Didn't Get the Job - My fiancé distracts me from preparing for a job interview.
Harley's Diva Ch. 01 - A very hot romantic novel
I Keep Having the Craziest Dream - Zoe dreams of fucking a girl. Her friend more than obliges.
Police Officer and Teacher Love Ch. 02 - Adam and Jake's relationship grows.
Return of the Sasquatch - Sequel to Night of the Sasquatch. More in the same vein.
Today's Special - Bringing your fantasies to life.
Tavo's Tales - Sandra - Sandra steps beyond her boundaries...
There Goes the Neighborhood Ch. 01 - Kyle a gifted 12th grader learns some life lessons.
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