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Exotic Story Index
Stories Last Updated: 02/27/15
Hot at the Beach - The four of us go to the beach and get more than we expected.
Every Man's Fantasy Ch. 12 - Catching up on Earth.
Listen When Sibyl Speaks Pt. 01 - A top secret cloning project is a man's new lease on life.
For the Whored Ch. 16 - The pair duel but something goes wrong.
Skinning the Cat - Elizabeth was desperate and Dillon was already once burned.
Friendly Benefits Ch. 01 - Amanda's girlfriend helps her plan a friendly threesome.
El Viaje 02 - En busca del conocimiento.
Sorpresa Para Tres Ch. 02 - Una sorpresa para mi amor -2 parte.
Goodbye Miss Granger Ch. 06-07 - Jeannie and Kevin finally lose their virginity.
Fulfilling a Fantasy - Blindfolded sex at a sex party - the 1st time.
Chat mit Folgen - Aus dem Netz in die Wirklichkeit.
Did You Ever Get Stung? Ch. 04 - Jenna and the course of true love.
How to Seduce an Engineering Student - Amy finds satisfaction from geek penises.
Serendipity Ch. 40 - Gladys finds her Master.
The Story of Him & Her Ch. 02 - Journey continues as He gets a bit in the sky.
Into the Deep Pt. 01 - Prim and proper wife begins lusty journey into slutdom.
Black Journal Ch. 22 - Show Off.
Midwinter's Eve - John gets lost in the
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