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Exotic Story Index
Stories Last Updated: 04/25/15
Kissed by Lightning Ch. 18 - Reaching the mouth of Destiny. Is this the end?
In Enemy Hands Ch. 08 - His enemy becomes so much more.
The Lunar Life Ch. 03 - Will bumps into an unexpected acquaintance.
For the Whored Ch. 073 - Elunara’s entire visit to Darnassus
Michael - eine Beichte Teil 01 - Die ersten Sexspiele meines Freundes.
Carina Milchkuh und Zuchstute 03 - ungeplanter Zuwachs.
Michael - ein Wiedersehen 01 - Michael trifft seinen Schulfreund Peter wieder.
Meeting James Ch. 07 - Melanie and Flame continue their evening together.
In the Valley of the Amazons Ch. 02 - Hosi in the U.S. of A.
Will You Love Me 'Til I Die? Ch. 22 - Meditation reaches its high point in the islands.
Unbalanced Ecosystem - The new consultants have strange teambuilding ideas.
Panty Jerkoff Encouragement - Panty jerkoff encouragement.
Life Is Good - A tale of a MILF's adventures.
All Eyes on Me Pt. 02 - The crowd gets their hour with me.
Fairytale Bride Ch. 05 - Dunlevy Castle.
Trevelyan Ch. 06 - Mage Trevelyan finds love in an unexpected place.
String of Pearls - A sexy cabbie a little help... an unforgettable ride.
Note to a New Friend - First bisexual fantasy encounter.
Sailing Adventure Ch. 02 - Continuation of the erotic adventure.
Fantasy Fulfilled - Young wife wants to take on two men at a time.
Her Vampire Daddy Ch. 04 - Her first feed.
The Beast in The Boss - A story I wrote to make my girlfriend wet ;)
Sex at Senior Living Center Ch. 05 - Lawyer Linda has a foursome; her sexual past is revealed.
Surprised Kate Ch. 01 - Girl having adventure.
Homeschooled Ch. 09 - Mr. Troy takes Becky's last virginity on their final meeting.
Instructional Jerkoff Sissy - Instructional Jerkoff Sissy.
Cuckold Eric - Hot burning anger.
Old College Flame Ch. 02 - Oh Snap!
New Friends and So Much More Ch. 01 - We post pictures on the Internet and make new friends.
Nun Gives in to Lust Ch. 02 - The nun goes back for more and gets used.
Naughty at School Ch. 10 - Woman gets fucked by two guys.
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