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Exotic Story Index
Stories Last Updated: 02/25/18
The Text Message Ch. 02 - Dealing with her former Master.
Growing Together Ch. 05 - Coming Back Together.
Sorcerer's Treasure Ch. 15 - A futanari contemplates her two lovers.
The Vampire Hunter Ch. 05 - Elena suffers a devastating loss and goes after Marco.
TJ Ch. 06 - Second week of school phone call from Mel Robert's date.
In Over His Head Ch. 11: FIGHT! - Edovan must face the TITanic Mountains to stay in the guild!
First Time Nude Sauna Pt. 15 - Nude holiday 1.
A C&W Song in the Key of Life Pt. 05 - Grace Slick and La Coneja Blanca.
Déni d'orgasme partie 4 Le Chalet - Éric Jessica et Kim louent un chalet et expérimentent.
My Blonde Goddess - Mature bi guy and young bi girl have wild weekend and more.
Die erste Freundin von Michael - Ein Anti-Held und ein Nicht-Mannequin treffen sich.
L'invasion Ch. 03 - Arno se retrouve nu au sauna.
Crossing the Rubicon - Exploring her hidden desires.
L'Île de Marana Chapitre 11 - Arno est purifié nu par les prêtresses.
A Maiden's Journey Ch. 01 - A medieval fantasy of a maiden's travails.
Working Girl Pt. 01 - Desperate girl needs money to finish college.
Tegan's Friend - Can a girlfriend away at college really have a guy friend?
Snowed In with Julian - Julian and I exhaust each other during a snow storm.
No Such Thing as Time Ch. 01 - Will Mara be alone forever when most of the world dies?
Two Lonely Librarians - Signing fingers sing their love of silence...and more.
The Birthday Present - Boyfriend gets a threesome for his birthday.
A New Direction for Humanity Ch. 02 - Shae acclimates to her new situation.
Hot Springs Getaway - A weekend Getaway bring two couples closer together.
Mamono Husband Gladiator Tournament - Monster girls want husbands!
Circus Town - Our Hero and Famous Author fulfills a young woman's fantasy.
Becky Ch. 01 - Tendências exibicionistas descobertas pela amiga...
Acting the Part - Aaron finds himself fully immersed in his role and loving it.
Game Set and Match Pt. 02 - Julie meets Katie for coaching and begins to seduce her.
NSFW: Not Safe for Wife?! - Her new fiance would never keep secrets from her...would he?
Jarhead on the Loose Ch. 04: Pet Sitting - A Marine is asked for a personal favor with benefits.
Say a Prayer Ch. 03 - The Fighting Hall.
Seduced Pt. 03 - Donna calls Steve a cuck.
Quinn Ch. 10 - Quinn arrives at resort.
Climbing Up Then Climbing On - First a break then a fuck. A unique Vegas vacation.
Double Stuff - Ashleigh is double teamed.
A Taxi Ride Home - Married couple give taxi driver a show.
Stranger in a Vegas Bar - In Vegas for business she finds release in the hotel bar.
The Club - A couple rekindle their love by meeting all over again.
Noir Valley Pt. 01 - Western whores cheating wives and husband.
The Conference - My mind and body played with on my way to a conference.
He Likes to Watch Ch. 01 - Mary finds out the identity of one of her viewers.
Wicked Wife Happy Life Pt. 01 - A wife lives out her fantasy with another man.
Football and a Blowjob 02 - Things go further for Jason and Tom.
A Punishing Ride on the Machine - Rose attempts to revive a fantasy can she handle it?
Finn Ch. 11: Forte - Finn's mistress tightens his leash.
My First Customer - I try my hand at being a professional Dominatrix.
NYRR Inc.: The Quarry - Amanda's transferred from a brothel to quarry for hard labor.
Brother Taboo Series: My Teacher - Half siblings become lovers.
How Do You Seduce Your Daughter? - A father struggles with then gives in to his desire.
Sisterly Love Ch. 16 - Howie takes 1st Step to becoming an Escort to MILFs.
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