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Exotic Story Index
Stories Last Updated: 05/25/15
AJ Submits to Her Wolf - Being with a dominant man was freeing & fucking sexy. (2 voices M/F)
Comic Shop Head - This tomboy wants her nerdy best friend all to herself!
The Kiss of a Succubi - Shhh my sweet I'll only take as much as I need...
Surprise! (Audio Version) - A welcoming surprise goes wrong.
The Coffee Shop - I see you everyday won't you just notice me?
Love Letters: T for Tenderness - Touch Tease Taste...
Sweet Buttercup - Sometimes all I need is your sunshine glow.
Cute Twink Strokes Himself - Suddenly got a hard-on and had to take care of it..
Cuddle Catcher - 10 heart-filled cuddles for you to catch.
A Hot (Chocolate) Mess - A little spill leads to a lot of fun.
Love Letters: L for Love - Longing Lust Love...
Vampire Calling Spell - A vampire calling spell.
First Time (Version 1) - Your first time.
First Time (Version 2) - Your first time version 2 ( A dirtier experience ).
Soft Sensual and Primal Moans - Moaning for you.
Seduce Me Master Pt. 02 - Orgasm on Command for your Master!
Sneak Away for a Quickie - I need you and can't wait till we get home from the party...
Night Out - You get him so horny when you dance.
Testing their Limits Ch. 01 - Two friends wonder who much they can get away with.
A Treat on Halloween - Dan and Marie have some secret fun at their friend's party.
Once in a Lifetime - A cruise turns into a once in a lifetime sexual adventure.
Room Mates Pt. 12 - Jake and Sammie finally make it to the bedroom.
Secret Kisses - What happens when you start kissing your friend.
Theft of the Heart Ch. 05 - Little boys are wolves?
Heavy Traffic Ch. 15 - Now they've made Sean mad.
A New Way of Seeing Things Pt. 02 Ch. 10 - Cricket meets Alison.
After the Company Picnic Ch. 01 - He wants one he ends up with both.
Behind the Lines of the Were War Ch. 07 - Some things happen before you want them.
Blackmailed Day 02 - Another call.
Twilight's Pleasure Ch. 06 - The Intruders' Arc begins.
Fucked From Both Ends - A first time threesome.
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