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Exotic Story Index
Stories Last Updated: 12/22/14
Life as a New Hire Ch. 35 - Putting lives back together after the battle.
Driving in Snow Ch. 27 - Beauty on Campus contest. Yvonne overnight.
Another Year at St Cat’s Ch. 06 - Can the girls control themselves when a male model visits?
The Black Knight - A first date turns into a hot tryst in the park!
Katie My Love Why??? - A meek husband discovers his wife isn't the woman he imagined.
Something Happened Ch. 04 - Nympho has fun watching Rugby.
Pastors' Ladies - Never judge a book by its cover.
Mister Sandman Ep. 03 - Love is where you buy it.
It's Who You Know Ch. 07 - Darren learns how to let go.
Leise rieselt der Schnee - Eine Weihnachtsgeschichte?
Das Priesterseminar - Die jungen Männer die hier ihre Ausbildung...
Der Zeichenkurs - Ein Wintermärchen.
Kerwin's Decision - Does he want to be his wife's tranny cuckold?
Jacki's Journey into Sissyhood Pt. 03 - Jacki's relationship with Laura and Steve begins.
Coffee and Photographs Ch. 03 - Older man and young woman interracial.
Adage of the Snow-Water Ch. 01 - New home new friends new enemies?
The Spectator Ch. 03 - Jack and Cindy play a game of Truth or Dare.
Candlelit - She takes control and gives him a surprise.
Wake Up Call - Man finds his girlfriend sleeping and decides to have fun.
Pupil of the Eye - An innocent Japanese girl learns about female empowerment.
Anchors Aweigh - Sonia celebrates Fleet Week.
Curiosity Got the Better of Me - The story of my first time pleasing a man.
A Strange Arrangement Ch. 12 - A chance at a different arrangement.
Stranger to a New World Ch. 01 - I entered this world fully adult a somewhat blank slate.
Amethyst Origins Ch. 02 - "Mercy".
Becoming Who I Am Ch. 02 - Memories of a Valentine's Day encounter.
Sara's Studio Surprise - A quickie helps Sara get ready for a big show...
Makeover Complications Pt. 01 - After a makeover photo shoot guy has to retrieve his clothes.
The Beautiful Destructions: ORIGIN Ch. 04 - Desideratum might enlighten you.
Slut Sally and the Virgin - Cuckolding hotwife takes an inadequate virgin to bed.
Wolf and Anna - Wolf and Anna share an insatiable attraction.
Cock Lover: A Lifetime of Pleasure Ch. 01 - Man looks back over a life of pleasing others.
Demonic Partnership: Slamaria's Search - Slamaria moves the world to find Simon and be with him again.
Coming Home - An army Captain comes home and enjoys a night with his wife.
Confessions - A night of unexpected sex.
Picture Perfect - Who was taking these photographs?
What Now Sir? Ch. 02 - Young man on a date with older voluptuous woman.
A Wife Watchers Tale Ch. 04 - Home from Egypt but to what new sexual adventures?
Borrowed Beauty - Shared Beauty 2-Mo borrows Katie to go to a nudist resort.
Till Death Do Us Part Ch. 01 - Which is awkward if they don't stay dead...
Outsiders Pt. 01 - Loser gains the power to dominate others.
Mindy's First Boat Sex - Mindy has sex with a friend on a boat.
Penny in the Movies - A lady discovers new and interesting art form.
A Summer of Slow Transition Ch. 02 - A little performance for the boys.
Midwinter Weekend Pt. 01 - 6 months later the entire gang reunites for the first time.
Transformation to Her Slave - Becoming complete
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