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Exotic Story Index
Stories Last Updated: 04/20/18
The Moonblade Ch. 01: Prologue - Sequel to No Longer a Game Story... Prologue.
Holding Out For a Hero Ch. 02 - When Sasha Met Kat.
Cocklust Ch. 13 - Scott reveals his big secret.
Let's Twist Again - More and more sexy experience for Viola.
Senior Year Memories Ch. 02 - A nerd takes a ride from a sexy cheerleader.
A Different World Pt. 03 - The story continues... Joey now has a second Marital Ring!
The Journal of a Connecticut Yankee Ch. 02 - Donnie continues his search to find a way home.
Das Angebot 03b - Ein unerwartetes Wiedersehen.
The Storm Mage Ch. 10 - Squall gets yelled at by his boss.
Hei├če Eiszeit - Auf einer Parkbank ...
Stray Kitten - A twist on the "jock and twink" story.
Cat Fight - Jealousy leads to a lady fight with a sexy lesbian.
Arizona Summer Ch. 04: Exploring with Strangers - Wes meets strangers while exploring naked at night.
Working For His Promotion Pt. 10 - Can Joanne and Adam overcome past indiscretions to reunite?
Jamie - The Journey Begins Ch. 04 - Mend some fences - Time for Jamie to Make it up to Sam have fun guys.
Egg-Men of Rorga Ch. 04 - Night of the Noctile.
A Knack for Gardening - The new house has a garden and something else...
The Ice Flowers Pt. 02 - Flashbacks love and crashing noises.
How did I Become a Cuckold? Pt. 03 - We have Steve come back and I join them this time.
The PTA Queen Bee & The Teen Rebel 02 - More Sapphic fun for Queen Bee Allison & teen rebel Jenna.
Making an Honest Woman Ch. 02 - Never trust wholly those who have deceived you even once.
The GA - Daphne and Gina - Daphne and Gina enslave their boyfriends.
One and Only Man - A young woman in her 20's is infatuated with her father.
The Brood Slave - John gets captured by a Spider Brood Mother...
Being Thorough - Campus security checks are not usually this thorough.
A House Wife's Secret - Stephanie is 46. She's bored and needs to save her marriage.
Monster Girl Encounter Ch. 01: Alraune - A roving trader comes across a horny desperate plant girl.
Battle for Earth Ch. 01 - The first five humans learn they are all alone.
Guys Trip Lace Causes a Stir Ch. 04 - A friendly wager brings thrilling consequences.
The Sands of Michigan - Claire takes it all on the beach.
Where to Find Love Ch. 06 - A woman questioning who can give her love.
I Love Men to wear my Satin Panties Pt. 01 - What do you do when your kinky dreams come true?
Bored at Work - Daytime mastrubation.
Linda Gets Lucky at College Ch. 02 - Linda and her friend Kathleen have fun with college guys.
Aaand... Well Isn't This Interesting - Dari's being devious.
Milf Next Door - Summer sun and a whole lot of hot neighbor.
Jay and Noami Ch. 01 - Can a one-night stand turn into something more?
Beach Getaway - Beach getaway reignites marital spark.
Kaylor's Travels Pt. 01 - We check out Comic-Con.
My New Roommate - Ladyboy used by BBC.
The Contest Ch. 07 - Angry and wounded.
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