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Exotic Story Index
Stories Last Updated: 11/22/14
Fucking Evolution Ch. 04 - Eric in La Jolla.
After Hours Alicia Ch. 13 - Alicia bargains at Bargain Mart...
Fat Chance Ch. 01 - Jerry & wife Maisie diet but she's burning calories her way.
Torrie's Year - A wife/mom's year of discovery betrayal and change.
Gundam Ladies' Wing - A recruit joins a unique military unit.
Brenda's Journey Ch. 01 - Middle aged woman never knew her inner desires.
Awakening - A sex driven Sci-fi/Fantasy/Adventure story.
Danger Zone Ch. 09 - Emma returns home to Ian... Ian is not happy to see her.
Project Phoenix Ch. 08 - The battle begins...
Derby Line Marriage Ch. 32 - Hanna learns Jovita's secret.
A Swinging Odyssey Ch. 06 - The three loving couples continue to party onboard.
Clara's Toy Boy Solution - Her husband was but a shell of his old self. Time to act.
Lady Libertine Ch. 04: Like a Virgin - Jeanette experiences something new with Todd.
A Diary for Two Ch. 04 - Both Elise and Erik make some friends.
John and Jane Pt. 03 - John and Jane make a video.
Strapon Fantasy Wife - Wife fulfills my strapon fetish with an expert assfucking.
ABC: Marley Needs a Meal - A hungry girl must find a way to pay the pizza delivery man.
Blacked In Suburbia - The pool guy gets lucky.
Coveted - A night out with the other man in my life.
An Erotic Evening with My Husband - Savannah and John's erotic evening.
In The Library Ch. 22 - An interlude Alex is in the room by the lake.
Spick & Span Nude Cleaners Pt. 02 - Ricardo meets his second client.
Red-Eye Cab Ride - She finds a new way to beat jet lag.
The Captain and the Prince - The Prince has been captured and is now the Captain's slave.
Sprite-Snowdrop Tales Ch. 06 - The girls meet
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