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Exotic Story Index
Stories Last Updated: 09/27/16
Dream Weaver Ch. 04 - Solution. A crowbar returned. Heroes rewarded.
Lit Wives: A Guide to Relationships - An essay detailing how to save a marriage.
The Hunters and the Hunted Ch. 04 - Preparing for the Pet Parade...
The Courtesan and the Werewolf Ch. 03 - Getting more acquainted.
Highland Pack Ch. 01 - The MacGregor Pack: Andrew and Gao are alphas.
The Picture - It was worth more than a thousand words.
Tak'Lon - Psat'Doo Loses Something - Psat'Doo loses his Device on Earth.
Landmark Property - To retire debt future housewife becomes corporate property.
Another Sexy Night - Fun times at a gentlemen's club and a swinger party.
Tangier Season - Gregory escapes pot of Wilde scandal to Morocco fire.
Disrobing Rita Ch. 04 - Rita's first taste of outdoors nudity.
Pendulum of Gold Ch. 01 - Rylan lives the wildlife is Jude her partner in crime?
I Want to Make Love to You - The relationship of an erotica writer and her readership.
Time Travellers from the 1960's Pt. 01 - Free thinking swinging couple go to future for progress.
Deceit and Love - A tale of love and deceit.
Hanson House Sequel: Doctor Robyn - Kinky counsellor helps with some intimate problems.
Husband's Revenge Ch. 03 - A surprise twist.
A Lustful Liaison Ch. 01 - A man begins a daring relationship with two teen girls.
Fake Memories of a Desert Rave Pt. 01 - Alyssa.
Roommate Rendezvous - Guy enjoys bonus amenities with his roomie.
Heather Falls in Love Pt. 06 - A long lonely drive north.
Dirty Talk - Some dirty talk is exchanged between a couple on a couch.
Unexpected Encounter Pt. 02 - A sensual morning after a passionate evening.
Study Buddy - Insecure chubby girl meets a new classmate.
Downsizing Ch. 09 - Dani decides on Augmentation.
Wearing His Wife's Panties - Cross-dresser plays with husband and wife.
Mistress Chantel Tranny Dominatrix Ch. 11 - Engaged in Love Kerri & Chantel fly home.
Jackson - A trans man is dominated by his Master.
A Bar Hook-up [CS-72] Pt. 01 - First time.
Camping Cuckold - Friend joins couple for camping trip to hot springs.
Nasty Sexy Gym Morning - Dirty time at the Gym.
Janey Kyle's Brief Affair - After making a disastrous decision is there ever a way back?
Fucking Him in His Car - Fucking my first love in his car.
May Bernadette O'Brien - A shy girl falls in love.
Journey into Submission Ch. 02 - Dominant Neighbor and Submissive Male.
The Introduction - Cat torments and ties brett for the very first time.
How to Greet an Unwelcome Visitor - The Burtons' model is a no-show. But there's a bigger worry.
Coming Home to Master 11 - Bella's journey to a new country to be with her Master.
Into the Goodnight Ch. 02 - Princess is given a chore...and a punishment.
Olympus has Fallen Ch. 01 - Aphrodite's Curse continues!
The Gala - The thrill of the reluctant sub.
My Secret Desire Ch. 03 - Final Chapter of fulfilling my fantasy.
Master of Fashion - A night with strangers in the toolshed.
Wi-Fi Enabled - Getting struck by lightning gives him a new ability.
A Maternal Visitation - A rainstorm leads to a hotel room leads to sex with mom.
All Daughters Need a Teacher - A mother teaches daughter on eve of her wedding.
The Virgin Mary Ch. 03 - Conclusion to Mary's story.
Family Affairs Ch. 07 - The family competes in a game and the winners get a prize.
Twerk Little Sister - Twerk Little Sister https
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