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Exotic Story Index
Stories Last Updated: 02/22/17
Secretary to Slut - Susan's Journey Ch. 02 - Back home she cums again only bigger.
A New Year at Stonemere Park Ch. 06 - Bra shopping and book shopping.
Awakening Pt. 05 - Amellia and Vicky Date Night!
Hartstein Ch. 10 - Carol relates a torrid tale -- Terry let's her suck her tits.
Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 59 - A Wedding. Jet Ratings. A Surprise Swing.
David & Jessi Ch. 02 - Getting acquainted.
Crossing Over Pt. 03 - Unbridled passion ignites as fate steps in.
Night Hunt Ch. 10 - Anya and Tyrus get to know one another.
Cold as Ice Ch. 05 - Alexis and Jared give dating another try.
Making Friends at Lake Como Ch. 12 - Making Friends at Lake Como.
Sarah Sees Dean Naked Ch. 02 - The second time Sarah sees Dean naked.
Nacktes M├Ądchen zum Dessert - Fantasie einer antiken Orgie.
Frank and Melissa - Scene 01 - Bull's antics with his favorite hotwife.
Busted! - A Xurnami Clinic Story - A man visits Xurnami's clinic with some changes in mind...
The Pirate Queen Ch. 01 - A gang of pirates commanded by the least likely of captains.
Triangel - Teil 01 - Renate provoziert Eifersucht bei ihrem Ehemann Leo.
Trucker Ch. 02: Rawlins - Hal photographs Cody and accidentally discovers her secret.
The Seduction - Brothers successfully seduce Stacy.
The Lonely Wife - Older married MILF finally gets some.
University Blues Ch. 02 - First week of class offers Tom an unexpected twist
Into The Woods - Sunlight and shadow. A girl and her Mistress.
Adultery - A wife cheats on her husband and initiates a threesome.
Gloria's Transformation - the Slave - Gloria makes a deal to be Terrill's one and only fuckbuddy.
Welcome Back - An in office encounter with the smaller man topping.
The King Pt. 04: Return - John returns back to the jungle ready to breed.
Released Tension - Ivana is handled by two enthusiastic masseurs.
For Just One Day Pt. 01 - Nikki loses a bet to Kate. Now she has to pay up.
Morale Booster - 2 lonely military wives. 2 deployed husbands. 1 webcam.
Overnight: GM2 - Young man's life is changed on bus trip.
Emotionless Pt. 07 - Lauren tries to get back to normal.
The Divorcees Club - Three sex mad divorcees come for a ride with me!
Failed Threesome - Bi-curious guy gets his man-card permanently revoked by bull.
It Can't Happen To Me Pt. 01 - Mature wife cheats.
Soho - A couple visit a strip club in Soho to enact a fantasy.
Big Time Revenge - Her husband left and then came back. Coming home had a price.
Among Friends - Two friends share lunch. And a man.
A Trip to the Desert - A Trip to the Desert https://www.
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